RWTH Aachen Campus Certificate Course Sustainability Director

May, 23, until May, 25, 2022

Today, large parts of the population can afford not to use purchased goods. Some of today's clothing, appliances, vehicles, machines and infrastructure have a utilization rate in the single-digit percentage range. However, the production of these goods requires energy and natural raw materials, the recovery of which is largely impossible. So we need a circular economy at a higher level that comprehensively changes the way we produce and consume. In this RWTH Aachen Campus certificate course, we would like to teach you how to establish and expand this in your companies, which technologies (can) be used and how you need to develop or change business models. We start the course with an overview of the status and vision of the Circular Economy and use the example of remanufacturing, an aspect of the Circular Economy already established in mechanical engineering, to explain what ecological as well as economic contribution this area is already making. In addition, we will introduce you to the possibilities of Sustainable Innovation and present successful business models of the Circular Economy. As an outlook, we would like to give you an insight into infrastructural concepts that are necessary to map circular economy aspects in production. To this end, we have invited experts from these exciting subject areas to share their insights and successes with you. Upon completion of the course, you will be an Expert:in yourself, and thus a Chief Sustainability Director. You will know where to start in your area of responsibility in order to shape the future. In addition, your newly acquired network will be an important anchor for your questions. So be there when we take the opportunity to help shape nothing less than a paradigm shift!

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