Basic Seminar on Gear and Transmission Technology

Tuesday, October 05, 2021 until Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Gears are subject to high demands with regard to their design in terms of load capacity and running behavior and are therefore a particular focus of the design process for drive trains. Valid calculation methods of general mechanical engineering are only suitable for use in gear technology to a limited extent, which is why independent calculation standards have been established for handling this assembly. In addition, the manufacture of a gear is subject to comparatively complex, coupled machine kinematics due to its specific geometric design. For the economical production of different batch sizes, various manufacturing processes with different characteristics regarding the manufacturing process and the resulting tooth contour and surface fine structure have therefore become established. Users in the field of gear technology therefore have the task of making a selection from among different variants of gear manufacturing or geometric design of the gear. At the same time, the gears must meet the requirements for load-bearing capacity and noise behavior as well as the aspect of economy. This requires precise knowledge of the manufacturing processes and application properties of gears. The seminar will cover the basic properties of gears as machine elements, gear manufacturing and quality inspection methods, as well as investigation and evaluation approaches with regard to load-bearing capacity and running behavior. Furthermore, challenges and possibilities of different design strategies will be presented and discussed. The event concept also focuses on methods of interpreting, analyzing and solving problems in the manufacture and use of gears. Therefore, possible complications will be discussed and solved together by means of practical exercises.

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