RWTH Aachen Campus Certificate Course Chief Digital Officer

Web: 08.-10. November 2022 und Presence: 15.-17. November 2022

The digital transformation is currently presenting companies with a wide range of challenges. The new and further development of digitized processes, digitally augmented products and services, and entirely new business models requires rethinking in many cases. There are too many issues, some of them highly complex, and markets and technologies are too short-cycle to allow a sensible response to the upcoming changes with the tried-and-tested "business as usual" approach. In response to these challenges, many companies are currently creating the position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO), whose task is to manage and drive the digital transformation within the company and turn the many opportunities into economic success. Specifically, this involves the evaluation and introduction of new technologies, the strategic development of the business model and the continuous transformation of the company into a successful provider in digitally driven markets. The RWTH Aachen Campus certificate course Chief Digital Officer is aimed at specialists and managers who are entrusted with the implementation of Industrie 4.0 in the company.

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