Method Seminar: Efficient Design of Product Construction Kits

18.10.2022 - 19.10.2022

One topic that is currently being discussed across all sectors of industry is construction kits. The automotive industry in particular is communicating the topic aggressively. For the Volkswagen Group, its four modular kits are a success factor for becoming number one in terms of unit sales in the medium term and generating high profits in the process. But what makes modular product systems interesting for companies? Are there patterns in the approach that distinguish successful from less successful modular developments? The two-day seminar begins with the often underestimated starting point with which a modular system stands and falls: the planning of the variety of variants to be represented. The seminar will show how this diversity can be transparently processed. The effects of diversity are analyzed in order to define areas of high and low diversity and to determine module limits. However, construction kits do not end with this "development-heavy" view. Therefore, other areas, such as production, are integrated. Furthermore, the organizational anchoring of the building block strategy will be discussed and success factors for building block design identified in benchmarkings will be presented. During the seminar days, there will be opportunities for exchange among the participants and with the speakers. A practical presentation followed by a discussion will provide insights into successful implementation.

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