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The Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium (AWK) is both a network meeting and an information hub. Participants from a wide range of disciplines traditionally exchange ideas on the production of tomorrow every three years in Aachen.

"Empower Green Production" - This is the motto of the 31st AWK, which will take place as a hybrid event at the Aachen Eurogress on May 11 and 12, 2023. Industry and science will then come together again to discuss what sustainable, energy- and resource-efficient production could look like in the future.

After all, global crises such as climate change, the corona pandemic and now also the latest developments in Ukraine show that there is far more at stake than politically defined sustainability targets or supply bottlenecks in individual sectors. Today, the manufacturing industry is still highly dependent on global logistics chains, fossil energy and rare raw materials. Unpredictable natural events and political upheavals challenge companies in ways never before seen. A circular economy that operates more independently of "black" fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal can help them achieve greater resilience and security while helping to meet global emissions and climate targets.

The AWK 2021 took place under the guiding theme "Internet of Production - Turning Data into Sustainability". It sparked a discussion about values in production technology and shifted the focus to sustainable value creation in production.

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