Sustainable Innovation


Duration: Feburary 2023 to December 2023



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Which methods are relevant for the development of sustainable products? How can digitalization help to reduce the ecological footprint? What roles and competencies are required for sustainability-oriented innovation management? How can sustainability be anchored in corporate culture?

For regulatory and ecological as well as societal and economic reasons, sustainability must become a central component of the strategic agenda of manufacturing companies. A timely established sustainable innovation management can deliver the decisive competitive advantage in times of sustainability turnaround.


  • Sustainable product, process and business model innovations.
  • Sustainability-oriented innovation and development processes
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Anchoring sustainability in organization and culture

The consortium benchmarking will start in February 2023. For this purpose, the questions developed with the consortium partners will be transferred into a questionnaire that will shed light on the activities of companies from a wide range of industries with regard to Sustainable Innovation. Based on the results, the consortium will identify successful practice companies that stand out for their particularly innovative and promising approaches and then visit them.