Digital Product Development


Duration: December 2021 until October 2022



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What digital support options are available in product development and how can digital tools be used to increase efficiency? How is information shared across different development projects and products? How do digital assurance methods change the understanding of the validation process and how must a company adapt to implement digital development?

These questions are becoming increasingly important in the development of manufacturing companies, as digital product development offers decisive advantages for the efficiency and speed of development processes. Therefore, it is no longer just freestyle, but has become a duty.


  • Digital Consistency in Development (moving away from digital stand-alone solutions)
  • Digitally Networked Idea Generation
  • Digitally Networked Product Design (creation)
  • Digitally Networked Validation and Assurance (Validation)
  • Digital Business Strategy

The consortium benchmarking started in December 2021. For this purpose, the questions developed with the consortium partners were transferred into a questionnaire that sheded light on the activities of companies from a wide range of industries with regard to digital product development. The consortium used the results to identify successful practice companies that stand out for their particularly innovative and promising approaches.