Precision Machining of Large Components



Philipp Dahlem

Industry collaborations


+49 241 80 25861



Since 2012, the Working Group Precision Machining of Large Components has been working on the development of new technologies and strategies for the precise production and testing of large components in order to maintain the technological lead in international competition.

A technical specification for the qualification of machine tools for geometric testing of workpiece geometry is currently being developed at international level (ISO/PWI TS 230-13). Within this framework, the thermo-elastic behavior of machine tool and workpiece is also focused on, which significantly influences the achievable manufacturing quality in large component machining. The range of topics includes data-driven modeling, retrofitting of existing systems, digital infrastructures as well as necessary interfaces and sensor technology. To this end, we are working in cooperation with seven companies from the fields of large component machining, machine tool construction and measurement technology.