WZL Field trip



Thomas Aloysius Wolf



+49 241 80 28224


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"Imagine you're needed and you don't know where!" This is the motto of the WZL excursion, which has been organized by the WZL since the 1950s.

With currently 40 students, most of them working at the Fraunhofer IPT and the WZL as assistants, we alternate between the north and south routes. We visit companies that offer the opportunity to make their contents and processes tangible and thus create a presence with the students that today contributes significantly to the decision for an application.

Numerous companies are looking for graduates of the RWTH and FH Aachen and we offer the opportunity to get to know each other and establish contact between companies and students by visiting the participating companies. Talks on selected topics of the visited companies and descriptions of the experiences of the young engineers are of particular interest. Therefore, topics such as personal development opportunities, company philosophy or a stay abroad do not have to be of interest only after graduation.

The popular evening meetings with several HR representatives offer the chance to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. As special highlights, we also organize a harbour tour in Hamburg on the Nordroute and are guests at the Oktoberfest on the Südroute. Thus, in addition to the structured course of study, an exciting week is offered shortly before the start of the winter semester.

Interested companies and students are welcome to contact Mr. Thomas Wolf.


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