Manufacturing Technology II

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Basic Information

Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs

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The lecture Production Engineering II deepens the knowledge acquired in the lecture Production Engineering I. The machinability of different material groups as well as the physical and chemical working principles of the manufacturing processes are now dealt with in detail. Further subjects of this lecture are models and theories, which enable a mechanical and thermal calculation of the different manufacturing processes and predict the influence of the workpiece properties.

Finally, the basic knowledge imparted in the individual manufacturing processes is applied in practice by developing manufacturing sequences for the manufacture of components commonly used in mechanical engineering.

Skills and competences:

Students can analyse and optimise manufacturing processes against a broad technological background. They can plan hypothesis-based test series and calculate technical production costs. Furthermore, they are able to further develop existing manufacturing processes and point out alternatives.



Lecture topics

  •  Material-specific challenges in cutting
  •  Tribology
  •  Signatures of manufacturing processes
  •  High performance cutting
  •  Bulk and sheet metal forming
  •  Simulation technique in manufacturing technology
  •  Digital process planning
  •  Process data in manufacturing technology
  •  Productivity and economic efficiency
  •  Tool making
  •  Power train manufacturing
  •  Gear cutting processes
  •  Optikfertigung > Optics manufacturing