Design of Manufacturing Machinery

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Machine Tools
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Brecher

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In the lecture Design of Manufacturing Machinery, machine tools available on the market are examined in detail on the basis of their design drawings. The functionalities of the different types of machine tools are presented on the basis of their basic functions and their technical structure is explained. Recurring technical solutions, such as power transmission, bearing arrangements as well as constructive-mechanical interrelationships are thus made understandable with real examples.

This knowledge is put to use by the parallel treatment of a training task in small groups under guidance of an assistant of the chair. The task is given and the solution is worked out freely by the students, constructed and presented at the end. The procedure as well as the presentation of the small group exercise are part of the examination. Further components of the lectures are one to two excursions to a machine tool manufacturer.

Learning objectives: The students know the most important types of machine tools. They will understand their basic functions and the machine assemblies required to implement the functions. They are familiar with the calculation of the most important key elements and are able to design them according to function and load. The students understand how to break down more complex machine systems into their essential basic functions and how to emphasize the constructive-mechanical relationships. On the basis of this knowledge, students develop solutions for design tasks, design them according to requirements and implement them in a design draft. The students are able to transfer this knowledge to other machine concepts and to evaluate their properties with regard to technical-constructive properties.


Lecture Topics

  • Analysis of machine tools available on the market based on their design drawings
  • 1-2 excursions to machine tool manufacturers
  • Implementation of a construction project in small groups