NC-Programming of Machine Tools

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Machine Tools
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Brecher

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The lecture provides students with a complete overview of the work steps required to manufacture manually programmable components on modern, NC-controlled machine tools.

The lecture focuses on the learning of different manual NC programming methods. In particular, students will learn programming according to DIN 66025 - G-Code, as well as NC programming with production-specific software such as ShopMill, ShopTurn - Siemens - or plain language dialog - Heidenhain. In addition, students learn the basics of NC programming with CAM systems using Siemens, NX11 and ExaptPlus as examples. Through the possibility of testing NC programs directly on real machine tools, students will also gain practical experience in operating the available machine tools.

Among other things, the focus will be on selecting and setting up suitable tools, as well as defining the workpiece zero point in the work area.


Lecture Topics

  • NC programming
  • Generation of command variables
  • Control Sinumerik 840D from Siemens
  • NC programming with Shop Turn and Shop Mill
  • iTNC 530 control from Heidenhain
  • NC programming with conversational programming
  • NC programming with CAM systems