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The Chair of Manufacturing Technology at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs teaches and conducts research in the areas of the fundamentals of manufacturing processes, process investigations of manufacturing processes, gear technology, process monitoring and simulation, and technology planning.


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The Departments of the Chair

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EDM/ECM Processes

The research of the department focuses on spark erosion and electrochemical ablation. Electro Discharge Machining EDM and Electrochemical Machining ECM are key technologies when it comes to machining difficult-to-machine or highly hard, electrically conductive metallic materials.


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Digital Transformation

The department Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Processes is specialized in challenges and potentials of the digital transformation of manufacturing technology and teaches, researches and advises you on your projects.

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Technology Planning and Grinding

The finishing of functional surfaces by grinding is combined in this department with the identification of optimal technology chains from the blank to the finished part for your individual challenges.


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Forming Technologies

The analysis of forming manufacturing processes is the task of the Forming Technology Department. The focus here is on plastomechanics and tribological boundary conditions. All investigations are supported by extensive process simulations (FEM) and industry-oriented experiments.


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Cutting Technology

Chip-removing manufacturing processes and the machining with geometrically defined cutting edges form a large part of the department's activities. In addition, basic investigations are carried out on new and further developed materials.


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Gear Technology

The research area Gear Technology combines the research areas Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology. The research topics relate to gear manufacturing, gear inspection and the simulation of gear transmissions and manufacturing processes.


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