Machine Data Analytics and NC-Technology


Fields of Expertise

The department of Machine Data Analytics combines competences from the fields of drive technology and CAD-CAM-NC chain with the modelling of production plants. Our goal is the interdisciplinary development of concepts and solutions for the feedback and analysis of machine data in order to enable model-based optimization of machine components and production processes. Here we deal with the further development and benchmarking of the CAD-CAM-NC chain, the data analysis and evaluation of manufacturing processes, the design of drive trains and associated control, the evaluation of energy efficiency measures as well as the FEM simulation of machine components.



NC technology © WZL

Data Acquisition and model-based Analysis

The basis for a data analysis is the context-related, synchronous provision of production data in real time. This includes data acquisition from production and measuring machines as well as data pre-processing and synchronization. The analysis of the data with the help of model knowledge about the process and the machine allows a process-parallel quality evaluation, an estimation of the machine availability and thus an increase of the productivity of the machining process.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

The prerequisite for meaningful data acquisition in the production-technical environment is a holistic IT infrastructure. In this context we advise in the integrative networking of real and digital systems along the product development process. This also includes multidirectional networking along the digital process chain and knowledge-based automation of the product creation process. In addition, training courses and further developments of CAD-CAM-NC algorithms are offered.

Drive and Control Design

Since the beginning of the use of computer-aided control systems, the further development of control and drive technology has been an important component and competitive factor of production machines. The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University offers a robust controller and drive design that meets the high demands placed on production machines in terms of production speed and accuracy.