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Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Barth

Chief Engineer


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The department of Technology Planning and Grinding Technology combines the identification of optimal technology chains from the blank to the finished part for your individual challenges as well as the finishing and fine machining of functional surfaces by grinding.

Technology Planning

The Technology Planning group focuses on the generation, evaluation and optimization of technology chains. Based on the function-oriented description of the product characteristics, new potentials for the holistic optimization or redesign of technology chains are identified systematically and method-supported.

In the course of Industry 4.0, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies not only to analyze and optimize individual production steps based on data, but also to consider the interlinking of the manufacturing processes used. In particular, networking between individual production steps will allow the economic potential of data-based modelling to be exploited in the future. When generating, evaluating and optimizing technology chains, the Technology Planning group takes these new requirements into account and identifies potentials and measures for designing digitized technology chains in manufacturing companies. The Technology Planning group methodically combines the expert knowledge available at WZL and Fraunhofer IPT for a large number of manufacturing technologies and is thus able to answer cross-technology questions with production technology depth.

Grinding Technology

The expertise of the Grinding Technology Group lies in the production technologies of surface and profile grinding, tool grinding, external cylindrical grinding (between centres and centreless) as well as vibratory and flow grinding. Within these production technologies, the main topics of the group are the economical machining of innovative materials, process design and optimization, as well as the digitalization of grinding processes.



Technology Planning

Strategic Consulting

  • Systematic identification and benchmarking of technology chains based on methodological evaluation and manufacturing technology expertise
  • Identification of new manufacturing trends and processes and derivation of manufacturing technology innovation potential

Technological Consulting

  • Technological and economic optimization of technology chains taking into account the three dimensions of product design, material and manufacturing technologies
  • Evaluation of existing technology chains on the basis of company-relevant target criteria and development of optimization potentials


Strategic Consulting

  • Benchmarking of machine concepts
  • Identification of material, tool and product trends in grinding technology
  • Process chain design and post-processing of conventionally/additively manufactured components and by means of surface finishing technology and flow grinding

Technological Consulting

  • Selection of suitable tools and cooling lubricants
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of grinding tests
  • Systematic optimization of grinding processes / knowledge-based process strategy design
  • Data-driven process optimization using Machine Learning
  • Computer-aided characterization and analysis of tools, for example grinding layer topography, dressing layer topography
  • Numerical simulation, grain engagement and chip formation

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