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Jens Brimmers, M. Sc. M. Sc.

Chief Engineer


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The WZL department of Gear Technology carries out intensive research work in the fields of gear and gearing design, gear manufacturing, gear measuring technology and investigation of the application behaviour of gears and gearboxes, which is unique in Europe. A special feature of this work is the holistic approach to gear and transmission technology, from design through production and measurement technology to application behaviour. The continuous treatment of basic and practice-oriented tasks throughout the entire development and process chain in a research facility is unique in this form.

By considering all these relevant areas of gear technology, synergy effects can be used and holistic problem solutions can be offered which are strongly tailored to the needs of the member companies of the WZL Gear Research Circle. Together with our partners, we develop bilateral solutions for concrete tasks. At the same time we carry out research projects with industrial associations - VDW, FVA, AGMA. Other research topics are dealt with within the framework of publicly funded projects. These include, for example, research projects of the DFG, BMBF and AiF. In addition, the financial resources of the Gear Research Circle allow us to address interesting topics at short notice.



The department offers comprehensive solutions in the field of gear technology. Due to the close networking of the gear manufacturing and gear design departments as well as the development of simulation-based methods along the entire process chain up to the use of gearing, we can offer a large portfolio of services.


Standardized Testing of the Scuffing, Pitting and Micropitting Load capacity of Gear lubricants

The choice of lubricant has a significant influence on the load carrying capacity and efficiency of gears. Therefore it is common practice for new gear oils to undergo standardized testing procedures to assess the lubricant load carrying capacity before they are launched on the market. The test results are recorded in the data sheets of the respective products in the form of failure load stages, lifetimes or GF classifications and provide the engineer with a benchmark for selecting a suitable gear oil. The WZL gear department uses gear test rigs in accordance with DIN 51354 and DIN EN ISO 14635 to assess the load carrying capacity of lubricants. The following standardized FZG oil test procedures are carried out at the WZL:

  • Scuffing test A/8.3/90 according to ISO 14635-1, CEC L-07-95
  • Scuffing test for EP oils A10/16.6R/120 acc. to ISO 14635-2, CEC L-84-02 and FVA 243
  • Pitting test PT-C/9/90 according to FVA 2/IV, CEC L-108
  • Micropitting test GT-C/8.3/90 according to FVA 54/7 (C-GF), DIN 3990-16
  • Micropitting short test GFKT-C/8.3/90 according to DGMK 575

The WZL is approved by Flender Gear Units as a neutral test laboratory. In addition, there are memberships and regular participation in reference oil tests in the CEC working groups that monitor the standard scuffing test, the scuffing test for EP oils and the pitting test.


Our core competencies

  • Tolerance field-based gearing design
  • Simulation-supported analysis and design of processes
  • Surface integrity
  • Optimization of the excitation behaviour of gearboxes
  • Local strength and efficiency analysis
  • Application-oriented research methodology
  • Design of operational process chains
  • Certified test methods in the aerospace and lubricant industries
  • Digital description of the gearwheel process chain from design to production chain to operation
  • Training of executives and specialists in transmission technology