EDM/ECM Processes



Dr. Tim Herrig

Chief engineer


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Fields of Expertise

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Electro Discharge Machining - EDM - and Electrochemical Machining - ECM - are key technologies when it comes to machining difficult-to-machine or highly hard, electrically conductive, metallic materials. The chair has many years of experience in the field of these ablative processes. The first research work was carried out at the WZL since 1950 and has been continued successfully to this day. These two technologies have recently been supplemented by the consideration of laser material processing and abrasive water jet processing. Even though the latter belongs to the cutting technologies according to strict DIN classification, it is very popular in practice as an unconventional alternative to cutting with a defined cutting edge.

Central tasks

  • Basic research
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Industry-specific technology development for different workpiece materials,
  • Tool electrode materials and working media
  • Design and construction of suitable tool systems
  • Metallographic analysis of the boundary zone
  • Static and dynamic component testing
  • Benchmark, damage analysis and consulting
  • Technological and economic process chain analysis



We set scientific standards for non-conventional manufacturing processes, transfer them into adaptive process chains and establish them in the industrial environment. Thematic focuses include technology development, productivity analyses, machine benchmarks and simulation-based process analysis.

Our approach is characterized by a deep understanding of the process. By using our current research and study results, we bridge the gap between innovative approaches and proven methods. In doing so, we can draw on comprehensive state-of-the-art machinery to investigate the interaction of different manufacturing processes in process chains.


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