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The Cutting Technology Department develops forward-looking solutions for the design, monitoring and control of demanding cutting processes such as milling, turning, broaching and drilling for the manufacture of complex products.

In order to be able to continue producing efficiently and flexibly in the future with ever shorter development cycles, networking and adaptivity in process chains are often required. We are working on this in an interdisciplinary team of more than 25 employees on the basis of a profound understanding of the system - from the basics of machining to application in production at the customer's site. Our competence profile extends across all areas of holistic process development - from a broad understanding of materials and processes to the development of powerful simulations for mapping real machining processes in virtual space and real-time monitoring and control in the manufacturing environment. In the course of digitalization, we thus make a significant contribution to the Internet of Production - IoP.

In a wide variety of research projects, we are constantly expanding our knowledge of the mechanisms of machining and the utilization of innovative approaches such as machine learning. Together with our partners, we implement this knowledge in an applicable form, for example as software. A detailed understanding of the needs of our customers in sectors such as aviation, energy technology, toolmaking, medical technology, the automotive industry and much more is indispensable for this. The understanding of our customers' needs is based on close cooperation, as we maintain in various working groups with over 50 companies, among others.



Our range of services is oriented along the entire machining process chain with a defined cutting edge. Starting with an individual analysis of your machining processes, we methodically develop possible solution concepts together with you. These can vary greatly depending on the problem and goal. Our current work focuses, among other things, on the simulative design of machining processes, the development of new, additive tools, the prediction and avoidance of edge zone damage to the component, and the mapping of the process and the component in a digital twin. Further services are:

  • Holistic tool and process design
  • Production optimization across process chains
  • Analysis and evaluation of the machinability of new materials
  • Process data processing in real time
  • Development and integration of process monitoring systems
  • Application of machine learning for process optimization
  • Selection, integration and evaluation of KSS strategies
  • Ensuring process reliability, for example through targeted control of chip breakage
  • Automated determination and analysis of process data

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