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Digital transformation is a process of change that can support business, society, science and politics alike in discovering and exploiting new exploitation potential with the help of digital technologies. However, digital transformation also brings with it challenges, namely having to make forward-looking decisions in the face of given constraints. The department Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Processes is specialized in challenges and potentials of the digital transformation of manufacturing technology and teaches, researches and advises you on your projects. One of the fields of competence of the department Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Processes is the development of new technologies for the digital transformation of manufacturing processes:

  • Digitization and networking of existing (retrofitting) or new machines and production plants
  • Real-time capable process monitoring of manufacturing processes
  • Big Data, Edge and Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies, Blockchain and Data Marketplaces
  • Digital business models, platforms and network effects
  • Digitalization of administrative processes and mobile office
  • Training opportunities for beginners and advanced learners
  • Subsidy opportunities and digitisation vouchers for companies
  • Cooperation opportunities with RWTH Aachen University




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Consulting as a Service:

  • technology research in the field of sensor technology, data science, AI and digital business models
  • accompaniment of development projects according to the Scrum methodology
  • development of digital business models
  • continuing education in AI, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud/Edge-Computing and Blockchain/DLT
  • workshops according to customer requirements, e.g. Scrum, Eventstorming, Design Thinking

Data Science as a Service:

  • digitalization and networking of machines and systems
  • visualization and analysis of time series data,
  • event data and other data types and formats
  • development of machine learning algorithms according to customer requirements

Software as a Service:

  • development of software, programs, apps, gateways, portals according to customer requirements