Production Management



Seth Schmitz, M. Sc.

Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 27387



Field of Expertise

The Production Management department develops new solutions for the design and organization of agile, waste-free production from the network level to the shop floor. Thematic focuses include the design of excellent production networks, the increase of effectiveness and efficiency in order processing, the optimization of production organization and the development and implementation of an industry 4.0 roadmap.

In our subject areas we develop tailor-made solutions for manufacturing companies to exploit the potential of industry 4.0 and the lean philosophy. By using current research results, we bridge the gap between innovative approaches and proven methods and tools. We offer the opportunity for cooperation in consulting and research projects, our extensive range of advanced training courses, industry working groups, and consortium benchmarking.

Global Production

We have many years of experience in planning and designing global production networks. We create a data-based transparency and enable an objective evaluation and decision making for the continuous development of the network.

Main Topics

  • network strategy & location roles
  • network design
  • network coordination
  • industry 4.0 Production network

Process Management

We support you from the optimization of your business processes and production processes in order processing to the introduction and further development of business process management and lean production systems. We define the strategy, derive core processes and visualize and document processes.

Main Topics

  • Production Systems 4.0
  • Business Process Management and Optimization Order Processing
  • Process Mining
  • Operational Excellence

Production Logistics

We support you in the optimization of your production processes, from the design of a value stream-oriented production structure to the implementation of efficient production planning and control and the creation and evaluation of a comprehensive database of your production.

Main Topics

  • Production structure
  • Production planning and control
  • Simulation
  • Production analytics



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Our way of working is characterised by a strongly participative character. We involve the employees of your company in the project right from the start. In this way, the change and solution process in your company is initiated by the employees themselves, which ensures long-term success even beyond cooperation with the WZL.

Opportunities for Cooperation

Consulting Projects

In our consulting projects we combine current research results and proven methods and tools in order to identify a suitable solution for our industrial partners. Our partners appreciate the high motivation and professional expertise of our scientific staff. Your challenges are in good hands with us - together with you we work on the development of concrete improvement potentials.

Research Cooperations

As a scientific institute, research projects represent one of our core competencies. In consortia, we seek answers to the most important questions of manufacturing companies. With ProSense, for example, we have successfully carried out one of the first Industry 4.0 projects in Germany. With the Internet of Production we are initiating a new era in production technology. Do you have a relevant question in the field of production management or an interesting solution? Please feel free to contact us!

Seminars & Trainings

With our further education offer we inform you about the basics in our subject areas and let you participate in current developments. Our approach always includes a transfer of knowledge by practice-oriented guest lecturers. You can directly experience the benefits of the seminar contents for yourself in practice-relevant training courses. Our partner, the WZLforum, offers you an overview of all events.

Studies & Benchmarks

In close cooperation with participating companies, we analyse defined questions and learn from best practices. This includes the identification and analysis of successful practice companies to derive cross-company recommendations for action.



  • The Global Production Management Center (GPMC) on the RWTH Aachen Campus is the leading competence network of the manufacturing industry for all aspects of production management and serves as a non-competitive competence and knowledge platform.
  • With the Demonstration Factory Aachen (DFA) we offer a reference factory to experience industry 4.0 "live" in a real production environment. The aim of the DFA is the close integration of practice, research and further education in the field of industry 4.0.