Factory Planning



Tobias Adlon, M. Sc.

Chief Engineer


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Fields of Expertise

The complexity of factories poses great challenges to all those involved in the planning process, which can only be mastered if all actors work together. The department of Factory Planning therefore uses integrative planning as a key factor for the factory of the future. The focus is on the factory of tomorrow, agile assembly systems and automated factory planning.

The trend towards shorter product life cycles does not stop at the product factory and requires the development of new strategies. We do this together with our partners from industry and research. We are also investigating how sustainability and increased urbanization are significantly changing the character of factories. We are developing methods for using digitalization to support the factory life cycle with integrated solutions from planning through implementation to ongoing production and to enable integrated planning and efficient construction.

Assembly, as an important component of many factories, is as well as the rest of production influenced by technological progress, digitalization and Industry 4.0. This increasing "mechanization" of a comparatively manual production segment brings new challenges but also opportunities. On the one hand, digitalization is increasingly finding its way into all areas of the value chain and AI is increasingly supporting planning and control; on the other hand, people remain an important factor in the assembly of the future and are supported and supplemented by assembly assistance systems in their value-adding activities. The department of Factory Planning devotes itself to these topics in research and consulting activities and develops solutions for designing the agile assembly of the future with the help of digital planning methods.

Central Tasks:

  • plant structure planning
  • assembly planning
  • digital factory planning


Scientists at the planning table Copyright: © WZL/Winandy Digital Factory Planning

In the field of factory planning, the WZL pursues a coordinated program of industrial offers and research topics that offers effective solutions for the individual problems of manufacturing companies.

The competence profile of the department covers the entire spectrum of tasks relating to the design, organization and management of production. Currently, almost 20 scientific employees and around 35 student assistants are working on projects in the manufacturing industry in cooperation with local mechanical engineers up to the internationally active DAX group. We have a network ranging from Aachen and Munich to China and the United States. Together with our customers, we develop and implement needs-based analyses and future-oriented concepts for factory planning. We create added value for our partners through our know-how from research and innovative solutions.