Innovation Management



Dr. Maximilian Kuhn



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Fields of Expertise

Innovations are essential for the sustainable success of a company. The increasing integration of mechanical, electrical and software components as well as new technologies offer possibilities for the realization of future-oriented solutions. At the same time, the availability of large amounts of data is increasing, which companies can use to their advantage. However, increasing interdisciplinarity in development projects and ever shorter innovation and product life cycles also pose challenges.

In order to increase potentials and address challenges, the department deals with complexity management, development management, data intelligence management and prototype construction. In the area of complexity management, the focus is on the design of products in the form of modular construction kits, while in the area of development management, the adaptation of the development process to today's framework conditions takes place. In the field of Data Intelligence Management, the focus is on the use of data to support all activities in innovation management. The realization or testing of innovation finally takes place in prototype construction. This is concerned with the development of methods and technologies for the rapid and cost-effective provision of prototypes.

As a leading research institute, the WZL and the department promote the networking of experts from industry and research, create acceptance through participation and neutrality and empower industrial partners through methodological competence, implementation support and training.



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The Department Innovation Management supports manufacturing companies in the areas of innovation management through consulting, research and training.

In the consulting projects, solutions, concepts and prototypes are developed in a participatory manner with the customers in order to address challenges in the areas of innovation management in a targeted manner. The focus here is on a methodical, structured and well-founded approach. In this way it is possible to successfully adapt the methods to company specifics, to integrate them sustainably into processes and to ensure success beyond cooperation.

Located at the RWTH Aachen Campus, the department has a broad network consisting of various research institutions and industrial partners. Our "Anlauffabrik" (start-up factory) offers an ideal environment for real testing and qualification of ideas in a simulative production environment.