Modelling of grinding worm profile wear during continuous generating grinding

Key Info

Basic Information

01.08.2016 to 31.01.2019
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Gear Technology
German Research Foundation DFG



Mareike Solf

Oberingenieurin & Gruppenleiterin


+49 241 80 26290



Starting Situation

Process designs for continuous gear grinding are carried out by users and machine manufacturers in several iterations. In most cases, the aim is to optimize performance and productivity without thoroughly analyzing and describing the cause-effect relationships. Tool wear in particular is often only insufficiently taken into account, which is why potential is allocated in the process design. Previous research activities in the field of gear grinding have focused insufficiently on the tool system. Although the wear of a grinding worm is used as an explanation for phenomena that have occurred, it is not the focus of research activities. The modelling of the macro-geometric profile wear of a grinding worm is still missing.

Research Objective

The local macro-geometric wear of ceramic bonded grinding screws in dependence of the local tool load cannot be predicted at present. The aim of the research project is therefore to model the macro-geometric profile wear of a ceramic bonded grinding worm with corundum cutting grains during continuous generating grinding. The model can be used to calculate the wear of the grinding worm occurring in the process depending on the tool specification, the machining parameters as well as the gear wheel and tool geometry. Research focuses on the extension of existing wear models to include the special features of continuous generating grinding, the measurability of wear on the grinding tool and the development of a new analogy test.