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Today's production engineering challenges can no longer be solved by rigid automation systems and downstream quality assurance approaches. Digitized, data-driven and model-based systems enable adaptive automation and the embedding of quality assurance directly into the process chains along the entire product life cycle up to recycling and remanufacturing. The basis for this is the valid acquisition and continuous management of data and the innovative orchestration and control of automation resources.

The focus of the research activities at the Model-based Systems department begins with the development of integrable sensor systems. Guided by the paradigm "Data-driven Automation", novel automation systems consisting of static and mobile robots are investigated in assembly and construction application domains. Furthermore, the focus is on data- and model-driven networking of conventional and additive manufacturing processes with multidimensional imaging technologies based on X-ray, thermography and ultrasound. Artificial intelligence and classical algorithms enable individualized machine vision and predictive quality solutions. This is followed by the further development of process control methods from rule-based to data- and risk-based procedures.

The cross-thematic backbone is formed by in-depth expertise in developing and operating high-performance data infrastructures, the corresponding software stacks, and the communication paths from the field to the edge to the cloud level using the latest enabler technologies such as 5G. This infrastructural foundation is also continuously reflected in the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" and the 5G Industry Campus Europe. Our way of working is characterized by close cooperation with our industrial partners from various industries (automotive, electronics, medical technology, aerospace, etc.). In this way, we ensure a high level of relevance to practical issues in our research and ensure the transfer of results from production research to the application right from the start.



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The Model-based Systems department supports companies in developing and implementing novel sensor- and data-based solutions for production. The range of services extends from classic analysis and consulting projects to the technical development of individual solutions. We have an extensive range of measuring systems, robots, machine tools, and automation technology components for developing prototypes and demonstrators.

Concrete offers are:

Dynamic Systems Planning

  • Line-less assembly systems - We design and validate your customized, flexible assembly line with simulation-based scenario analyses.
  • Standardized assembly data models - With a digital twin pipeline, we ensure the data quality of your digital twins and make them usable for production planning and control.
  • Decision Support Systems - With data-based solutions, we support you in the processing of your production key figures for assembly planning and control.

Adaptive Cognitive Robotics

  • Automation Potential Analysis - We identify automation potentials for your complex manufacturing, handling, and assembly processes.
  • Metaverse Production Planning - We validate your sophisticated automation ideas in physically accurate robotics simulations with NVIDIA Omniverse
  • Intelligent robot manipulation for assembly tasks - We automate your challenging assembly tasks with robotic sensor systems.

Large Scale Metrology

  • On-Machine Measurements - We support you in performing traceable measurements directly on the machine tool and within defined measurement uncertainties.
  • Smart Sensor Systems - We network Industry 4.0 capable sensors of your production system and develop individual unique solutions for you.
  • Virtual climate control - We measure, simulate and compensate temperature influences for your large-volume applications.

Industrial Computed Tomography

  • Machine Vision for Automation - We develop customized Machine Vision solutions to automate your production processes - from sensor selection to data interface.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Machine Vision - We combine machine learning techniques with classical image processing methods to enable image-based quality assurance even for complicated applications.
  • Tomographic measurements - We check your components' internal and external features using high-precision industrial CT measurements.

Data-driven Process Control

  • Predictive Quality - We apply machine learning techniques to your application to predict product quality based on process parameters.
  • Statistical Process Analysis - We analyze your processes with classical statistical methods and machine learning to uncover new potentials.
  • Proof of test process suitability - We select the suitable measuring equipment and provide the proof for your quality assurance (e.g., GUM, VDA 5, MSA, VDI 2600, ...).