Busy little bees - under and on the hall roof!


Since March of this year, the WZL has been focusing not only on the production of the future, but also on honey production. On the third floor of the cluster for production technology, Katharina Norta, a graduate engineer and passionate beekeeper, looks after several beehives. "The idea came from the janitor, who is very interested in nature conservation and sought contact through the beekeepers' association so that bees would populate the roof. Since I was just looking for a new location, it was a perfect fit. So since the end of March, my bees have been on the machine hall roof." To prevent the bees from swarming and to keep an eye on the bees' health, she currently visits the bees weekly to check on them. So far with success: At the end of May, she was able to harvest the first "WZL honey".


The WZL Bees