Success Factors for Innovation Management in the Context of the Sustainability Turnaround




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Consortial Benchmarketing "Sustainable Innovation"

  Lightbulb in the woods Copyright: © Pexels Take the opportunity to make your company and your products ready for the sustainability shift.

Which strategy enables companies to operationalize sustainability for their own context and how can the fulfillment of sustainability goals be measured? How can products, services and business models be developed and aligned with ESG criteria? How must the innovation and development process be designed to promote the development of sustainable innovations? What organizational and cultural prerequisites are needed to anchor sustainability in the company?

Sustainability is one of the most important topics of our time. Today, the manufacturing industry in particular is facing the challenges of the sustainability turnaround, the implementation of which not only influences the economic success of individual companies, but also social prosperity. A sustainable innovation management starting today can give manufacturing companies the decisive competitive advantage and at the same time help to achieve the climate goals. For this reason, the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL at RWTH Aachen University, together with the Complexity Management Academy, is examining the success factors for such innovation management in an international consortium benchmarking study. The focus is not only on product, process and business model, but also on strategy, organization and culture, taking into account the target dimensions of finance, environment, social and governance (F-ESG).

As consortial partners, interested companies can determine the focus of the benchmarking study and define their relevant questions to be answered in the study. For this purpose, the questions will be transformed into a questionnaire that will shed light on the activities of companies from a wide range of industries in the field of "Sustainable Innovation".

Consortial partners wanted for kick-off!

The results will in turn be used to identify companies that have already successfully implemented various aspects of sustainability-oriented innovation management. The consortium will visit these companies on site to learn about promising approaches and discuss them with the companies' experts.
From this, tried and tested factors for the successful implementation of sustainability-oriented innovation management will finally be identified, which the consortium partners can use for themselves and their companies.

Take the opportunity to make your company and your products ready for the sustainability shift and become part of the consortium! The kick-off will take place on February 7, 2023.

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