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Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation Targeted Use 


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  Conference Table Copyright: © Martin Braun What organizational requirements must companies fulfill to ensure the successful use of AI?

Artificial intelligence - overrated hype or technology of the future? While AI has already arrived in our personal everyday lives through applications such as Amazon Alexa, manufacturing companies are often hesitant to implement it. Yet there is considerable potential in the steadily growing availability of data and improved analysis options: "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) enables the processing of large volumes of data and can help to derive forecasts and facilitate decision-making. In order to be able to tap this potential, companies must be enabled to use artificial intelligence in a targeted manner in value creation.

But what organizational requirements must companies fulfill to ensure the successful use of AI? How can the existing digital infrastructure be modified in a beneficial way and used for AI applications? How can companies identify and evaluate areas of application for AI applications? What success factors need to be taken into account in the implementation and long-term management and development of AI applications?

In order to find answers to these questions and to identify innovative strategies, concepts and application examples of the successful implementation of artificial intelligence, the Werkzeugma-schinenlabor WZL of RWTH Aachen University in cooperation with the Institute of Technology Management of the University of St. Gallen starts an international consortium benchmarking. In this benchmarking, together with an industry consortium of six manufacturing companies, successful practices for the integration and application of "AI in Operations" will be identified and success factors derived with the help of a questionnaire study.

Participation in the study is free of charge until June 26, 2022. Participation enables companies to critically examine their status quo with regard to the use of artificial intelligence in operations. In return, you will receive an individual final report upon participation. If we identify a company as a "successful practice" in the course of the study, it will also be given the opportunity to participate free of charge in the exchange of experience during company visits by the other "successful practice" companies as well as a final conference and thus learn from the best.