Process Mining for No-Code Digitalization Platforms




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Kick-off of the research project ProMiDigit

  Laptop Copyright: © RAEng_Publications Process owners independently transfer analog processes into software-supported workflows and are enabled to analyze and optimize them by means of process mining.

In the age of digitalization, IT specialists have become a decisive com-petitive factor for manufacturing companies. However, the demand for qualified specialists for the technical implementation of digitalization strategies is growing faster than their availability on the labor market. This development leads to an acute shortage of IT specialists and hin-ders the advancing digitalization in many companies. In the competi-tion for IT specialists, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are often at a disadvantage in comparison to large compa-nies with greater financial and professional attractiveness.

The principle of agile no-code digitalization offers a promising ap-proach to solving this dilemma. The research project "Process Mining for No-Code Digitalization Platforms ProMiDigit" is a joint project of Modell Aachen GmbH, Spedition Berners GmbH, Protection One GmbH and the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University. The aim of the project is to enable IT laypeople to carry out independent process digitalization and data-driven process optimization: In this way, processes can be transformed into executable applications and optimized without a single line of source code.

The agile no-code platform is characterized by the ability to modify ap-plications in productive operation at any time without the risk of com-promising them. Process mining serves as a method to analyze digit-ized processes based on their digital traces and to iteratively optimize them according to defined target values. In addition, data mining is used to analyze the user behavior in interaction with the system in or-der to gain further insights into optimization potential. The results of the research will be used to solve the bottleneck of IT specialists and to accelerate the digitalization of business processes in SMEs.

The joint project started at the beginning of July with a kick-off at the coordinator Modell Aachen GmbH in Aachen. The department Quality Intelligence of the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Manage-ment of the WZL focuses on the synthesis of process mining and data mining for process optimization. Furthermore, within the prototypical implementation of the agile No-Code-Platform and the piloting in the partner companies, questions regarding a sustainable and continuous process improvement in productive operation are also investigated.

Further information on the research project "Process Mining for No-Code Digitization Platforms ProMiDigit" can be found on the project page of the WZL and on the project website of the network coordinator Modell Aachen GmbH.