Large-Volume Metrology enabled by Indoor-GPS


Your Benefit

Today's production industry works with highly complex production systems and has to deal with drastic movements in demand. To face these challenges production control has to be provided continuously with all relevant data. Therefore a determining trend in production metrology is its integration in the production process leading to shorter reaction times of quality control loops.

At the same time the measuring techniques must provide valid data with sufficiently small uncertainties also under less favourable conditions of the production environment. In particular during the measurement of large construction units, whose tolerances do not rise usually inevitably with the construction unit volume, the adherence to the uncertainty is a large challenge for the coordinate measuring technique and requires the employment of new measuring systems and measuring strategies.

Our Approach

The Laboratory of Machine Tools WZL meets this problem with the employment of „light “. In place of mechanical axles a measured value admission becomes possible with electromagnetic waves. At the WZL the following measuring systems are available:
– Lasertracker, -tracer
– Single-/Multi-/TOF- Cameras
– Indoor-GPS
The indoor GPS is a representative Large-Volume measuring technique (LVM), which determines both position and orientations of a receiver, to:
– register measurements in global coordinate systems
– control and calibrate production and handling means
– evaluate logistic processes.

Our Competence

– Large-Volume Metrology
– Absolute Movement of robots
– Robot-guided Sensors