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Complexity Management in Production
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Complexity Control in production

Today the construction, design and control of processes within manufacturing and assembly faces heavily requirements for planers: Gears in over 200.000 standard configurations, automobiles in 3 billion equipment variants, product lifecycles which lie far under the payback period of manufacturing plants…
The challenges of a high product variance are not new, but the dynamics of the development aggravated in such a way in the last years that the control of variety becomes crucial for competition.

For most German manufacturers “being the fastest” and “offering the best customer individualisation” became a central differentiation criterion. Costs and quality and thus process and technology control are only presupposed as natural.

In the field complexity management in production at the WZL methods and solution are investigated and implemented in industry to reduce the challenges for enterprises:

  • Complexity-fair designing of the production means knowing the crucial parameters: How are these identified and considered?
  • What does process complexity costs -
    how do a varying production time, a divergent flow of material or a high process variance affect process security, utilization of resources and workflow?
  • Upon overcapacity and redundant resources and processes arbitrary complexity can be illustrated;
    but how do a
    lean control of complexity in production looks like?
  • Flexibility and room for manoeuvre usually costs money – where do the optimal cost-benefit ratio of flexibility lies?
  • How can uncertain developments and action alternatives be evaluated and balanced?

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