Studies & Benchmarkings


The product development belongs to the most interesting tasks of producing companies. Its results influence the satisfaction of the customer, the time-to-market and thus the success of the company significantly. State-of-the-art methods, structures and IT-systems are required to ensure effectivity and efficiency. Our research and consulting services are designed with input from successful best practices, which we gathered in numerous projects, benchmarkings and studies.


The Lean Advantage in Engineering

Pioneering companies regarding the appliance of lean methods in engineering are capturing a tangible competitive edge: developing better products, reducing development times by up to six months, and staying 35 percent closer to product target costs. These insights have emerged from the Lean Engineering Health Check which was conducted jointly with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). In this study a benchmarking of 100 leading companies in the automotive and engineered-product industries was conducted. We have identified and analyzed critical success factors within lean engineering – such as modularized product design and agile, fast-cycle processes – that give lean champions a measurable advantage over their competitors. more...