Microgeometrical Cutting Design of PM-HSS Tools


Duration: 30 Months

Funding Body: VDW / AiF

Starting Point:

The performance of cutting tools depends not only on the properties of the used substrates and coatings, but on the preparation of the cutting edge. This preperation depends on several factors. The geometry of the cutting edge, the roughness of the substrate surface on rake and clearance surface before coating as well as the coating thickness have an influence on the efficiency. The design of the tool systems has hitherto not been thoroughly investigated.

Research Objective:

The objective of this project is an optimized tool preparation for maximum tool life of PM-HSS hobs. In addition to the preparation of the tools, the hobbing process should also be considered as an influencing factor. In order to optimize tool preparation, the technologies for tool preparation and the effects of the preparation on the wear behavior in gear hobbing must be known. The transferability of results from machining experiments and from tool preparation needs to be examined. The scientific challenge is to identify the influence of various tool preparations on the tool wear for different load collectives in hobbing with PM-HSS tools. This requires the identification of interactions between roughness, coating thickness and cutting edge geometry with regard to tool wear. The economic challenge is to increase the performance of PM-HSS hobs by an optimized preparation based on different application conditions of the tools

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