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Manufacturing Technology


Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Bergs
1st Semester

Selection and design of processes in manufacturing are the keys to quality and economical efficiency in industrial production. Thus knowledge about production technologies is a basic skill of a manufacturing engineer. Since the responsibility for production costs starts with the work of a design engineer, he also needs this knowledge. Hence these requirements, this lecture provides an overview of the main cutting and erosion manufacturing processes. First of all the main interactions between the cutting edge and the workpiece and the resulting load on the tool are discussed. Therefrom the required properties of the cutting material can be derived. Another part of the lecture is dedicated to the machinability of various workpiece materials. Providing not only a demonstration of the basic methods (turning, milling, drilling, grinding, etc.), the theory of these different manufacturing methods is given, whenever it is necessary for the understanding of the process.

2nd Semester

This lecture gives an overview of the processes forming without cutting. It starts with the presentation of casting and sintering technologies. An introduction to the metallurgical and plasto-mechanical basics gives the prerequisite to understand the proceedings of different forming processes. Due to their importance under economical and technological aspects, the methods of coldforming are discussed in detail. Guided by industrial applications, the technology of forging is presented, following by the methods of sheet metal forming. The last portion of the lecture is dedicated to the methods of sheet metal cutting.

Turnus: WS, 2-semesters

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