Complexity management
Modularization / Modular platform design


The ability to offer customer-specific solutions at marketable prices in times of a growing segmentation of the markets has become a decisive success factor for companies. For this reason, more and more companies incorporate their products into modular platforms. This allows the production of individually configurable products, without sacrificing series cross-scale effects. The development of modular platforms brings new challenges in the area of product structuring logic, process, and organizational design of product development. With regard to the modular design, we are able to analyse your company’s diversity of variants and the interactions between the different modules, to define constituent platform standards. Based on these standard features, standards on assemblies and part-levels can be opened up effectively.
Also, we assist you by incorporating the topic in the processes of your company. With that in mind adjustments are necessary compared to single-product planning and development, so that long term economies of scale can be developed on the basis of the modular system.

„The department of innovation management helped us significantly in the analysis and optimisation of the modular-based product offerings."
Theo Esser, IT, CSO & Lean Manager & Thomas Lehner, Engineering Manager Valves
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co. KG - Hydraulic Controls Division Europe


Project example: variant management by building a modular product kit (plant construction, 2012)

“Objective: generation of transparency over the main lever to reduce the direct and indirect cost components...”