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In close cooperation with grinding machine, tool and coolant producers as well as with numerous end users the WZL does research concerning process layout and process optimisation. The research work includes fundamental analyses of new component materials, abrasive grain materials and coolant but also the development of new machining strategies as well as machine and system concepts.

The diversity of machined parts, which can be analysed with the objective of process optimisation, ranges from smallest high precision parts of the medical technology to gear shafts, gear wheels, ball bearing components and turbine blades. Concepts for an applied process layout are worked out in close cooperation with the aerospace- and turbine industry, representatives of the automotive and tool grinding industry.

For this purpose the research group cutting with geometrically undefined cutting edges disposes a comprehensive selection of grinding machines and testing facilities to conduct analogy experiments and grinding technological researches. To meet machining goals securely and optimise grinding processes the main focus is always set to the topics of process and product monitoring. The analysis and evaluation of experimental results takes place in a special measuring room and in the department of metallography. In addition a close collaboration with the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy of the RWTH Aachen University exists.

Main topics:

  • Grindability
  • Process monitoring
  • Process layout
  • Functionality
  • Modelling and simulation

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