FINESCE is a project that is part of the Future-Internet-PPP of the EU and uses the IKT-infrastructure of the Future-Internet for intelligent applications in the field of smart energy. The project’s test runs are carried out in seven European countries. The project examines energy efficiency in residential and industrial buildings, the development of a new prosumer energy market, the creation of a cross-border, privately run, virtual power plant as well as the possibility to use electric vehicles as load management elements. By providing the Future-Internet-IKT and the associated opportunities to better coordinate the volatile input of solar and wind energy with the power consumption, the suppliers and consumers are enabled to switch from a reactive to a proactive network management.

Research questions

How can renewable energy and efficient energy usage be combined into a smart energy system?

In FINESCE, an open interface in the form of an API was developed to allow the information data flows to be connected between devices and systems in the industrial (factories, power plants) and private (electric vehicles, households) area.
Further information about the consortium and the research results as well as the finals report can be found at

European Union

Acknowledgements and project sponsors
We thank the sponsor, the European Union, for the project support.

Project period: 01.03.2013 – 31.03.2015

Felix Basse, M.Sc.
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