In the project BigPro Big Data technologies are being used to automate fault management of manufacturing companies and to make production processes more resilient. Special focus lies on the employee as a fault recognizer. The application scenarios within the project provide for a collection of employee data (i.e. stress level) via dashboards and mobile devices. The data is consolidated in real time on a big data platform, examined for fault patterns and imminent faults are processed visually and user-friendly.

Research questions
How can the flood of data in a company be made workable and usable for proactive fault management?

Results of the research project is an industry-independent big data platform that can collect the variety of heterogeneous data sets from the production the production processes, the production environment and the employees involved. Additionally, the platform is able to process this data based on algorithms, which are used for a more effective and efficient fault management.

Acknowledgements and support
We thank the grant authorities, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the project sponsor DLR for the project support.

Project period: 01.09.2014 – 31.08.2017

Felix Basse, M.Sc.
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