Simulation in Production


Simulation is an effective tool for successful capacitive and organisational configuration of production. Reaching the economical optimum is, caused by raising complexity of decentral production and logistic systems, just possible by using simulations.

Simulation in production planning

While planning production and logistic lines, different control and disposition methods can get evaluated by simulations. Furthermore, store ranges and staging of materials can improve or average worker utilisation can be optimised by considering specific assignments. By timely consideration of configuration possibilities success-relevant variables like productivity, lead time, capital commitment and stock range can directly be influenced.

In the running production simulation can make a contribution for optimisation of production resources by changing variables like lot size, as well.

Simulation in human resources planning

Teamwork and flexible personnel placement concepts demand a higher level of consideration of human resource planning in simulations.
Typical aspects are:

· Human resource requirements by multi-machine-handling
· Appropriate dimension of working groups
· Necessary qualification in working groups
· Work schedule models

With simulation-based evaluations of different concepts, qualification and resource shortages can be analysed and the economically best solution can be chosen. Effects and influences of the transition to flexible working hours become transparent and rateable by illustrating in simulation models.

Economical utility of simulation

The WZL since many years intensively deals with simulation-based configuration, optimisation and evaluation of production. According to WZL-experiences, 6-10% production costs can be saved by an optimised resource assignment. A potential that is able to lead to a fast amortisation of simulation-costs.


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