Value stream oriented production planning and control


Is your daily production plan already obsolete shortly after production started? Does this lead to regularly missed goals regarding promised delivery dates, machine utilization or lead times?

Through the concept of value stream-oriented production planning and control, lean and industry 4.0 principles are successfully transferred to the requirements of individual and small series production and are combined with classical control methods in order to achieve your objectives.

Together with you we optimize the processes of rough and detailed scheduling and define robust control rules based on a five step approach:

The standardized approach begins with the collection, preparation and concretization of relevant planning and feedback data to analyze your production. Carrying out a value stream analysis for selected reference products transparently visualizes your actual processes and ensures a comprehensive understanding of your production processes by revealing its weaknesses and potentials.
Based on the collected data, the logistics performance of your production is determined objectively and based on the key figures. To this end, we determine the achievement of the relevant production-logistic target values ​​based on key figures and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your PPC.
In the subsequent design phase, the workshop-based elaboration of alternative concepts for your PPC is carried out. Alternative production control configurations are simulated, evaluated, and objective recommendations for the selection of the control parameters are derived.
In order to successfully and sustainably implement your new production planning and control concept, we transfer the necessary measures into a conversion plan and identify the training requirements of the process participants. The introduction of the concept in a pilot area will be guided by our coaches with expertise and training.

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