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am Forschungsbereich Technologie der Fertigungsverfahren, Abteilung Technologieplanung und Schleiftechnik, Gruppe Technologieplanung

Key Factor Change – Cost Optimized Planning of Changes in Manufacturing

Initial Situation:
Manufacturing has always been subject to change. Among others, these changes are driven by changing customer demands or product optimizations. An economic reaction to changes is a key factor for the success of manufacturing companies. Especially for companies manufacturing safety critical products like in the medical or aerospace industry, these changes pose a particular challenge. The reason for that are mandatory certifications, which demand that changes in manufacturing have to be documented in a highly detailed manner. This documentation has to prove the products full functionality is still ensured after a conducted change.

The objective of the research thesis is to develop a methodology to plan changes in manufacturing of safety critical components in a cost-optimized way. Therefore, the research fields Technology Planning and Manufacturing Change Management have to be combined in order to identify, analyze and evaluate alternative changes in manufacturing.

• Familiarization with the basics of manufacturing change management
• Development of a classification model for order changes
• Derivation of adaption alternatives based on the classification
• Evaluation of the adaption alternatives
• Synthesis of the sub-steps to a generic methodology
• Validation of the methodology using a case study
• Motivation, independence and commitment
• Interest in the topic of technology planning

• Comprehensive starter pack of literature on the described topics
• Intensive support through regular coordination meetings
• Delimited tasks with high industrial relevance
• Provision of workspace in the Production Technology Cluster
• Insights into practical-oriented research work
• Start immediately or by arrangement

Time required: 0,00 Hours

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