Modular systems enable an efficient creation of a differentiated offer and allow the production of a broad product range from the smallest possible number of different modules. The design of such a modular system is currently mainly done by intuition and not through a specially designed modular development process.

Research questions

In order to be able to create modular systems that meet their special requirements, the BMBF-funded research project GiBWert aims at the design and itemization of configurable process components that define the essential planning steps of the modular development process. The conventional product development processes (PEP) should not be replaced, but rather serve as a overarching structure for systematically achieving economies of scale.

The results of the research project is a process model for designing modular systems. Further information about the consortium and to the research results ant the final report can be found on

BMBF – Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Research support
Research support from the Research Center Karlsruhe (PTKA)

Acknowledgements and project sponsors
We thank the BMBF for the support.
Project period: 01.03.1012 – 28.02.2015 Danksagung und Förderträger

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