High Performance Cutting of Nickel-Base Alloy


Due to their excellent high temperature properties nickel-base alloys are considered hard to cut materials. Conventional cutting materials such as high speed steel and uncoated cemented carbide only allow the cutting of nickel base alloys at low cutting speeds, which yield to long process durations and accordingly high costs. In contrast, ceramics and CBN as cutting materials enable cutting speeds of up to 600 m/min for roughing and finishing and therefore help to reduce the manufacturing costs while keeping a high tool life and part quality. A new generation of cutting materials for end milling of nickel base alloys is formed by ceramics based on silicon nitride and whisker reinforced aluminum oxide. The applied cutting speeds are up to 25 time higher than for cemented carbide with conventional cutting parameters. Decades of intensive and successful research within the department of cutting technology at the WZL underline the high level of expertise in this field.


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