Toolmaking for the future



Today’s turbulent economic environment confronts the global tooling industry with serious challenges. Cost competition and the high demands of globalized value-adding chains put pressure on small- and medium-sized toolmakers. As an exclusive differentiation in price is not an option, new means for achieving sustainable competitive positions have to be found. A promising approach for differentiation is to enhance the existing range of products by offering customer-specific services within so-called industrial product-service-systems. However, the lack of local presence inhibits the toolmakers’ abilities to deliver these services to their global customers. To address these challenges the European R&D-project TIPSS has the objective to develop suitable methods, techniques and technologies for toolmakers to improve their local and global performance thus enabling them to offer industrial product-service-systems on a global scale. Based on an extensive survey, a global footprint of the existing service landscape and a portfolio of value-adding services are presented. The interaction with many toolmaking companies as well as their customers all over the world gave us the opportunity to get valuable insights on the current situation of this particular industry and how the needs of the customers determine trends in services and cooperation in the near future. We are very pleased to be able to share these findings and support a favorable development in this key industry.