The program GearGen provides the analytical and tool based geometry generation for gears in the form of a three-dimensional description of the tooth gap geometry. The scope of the program includes the process kinematics of the continuous generating grinding and the index grinding process for symmetrical and asymmetrical cylindrical gears and beveloid gears as well as the analytical description of various gear types (e.g. ZI-worm, rack). Based on the real process kinematics process induced geometry deviations (e.g. flank twist) in contrast to the ideal involute profile can be determined. The related deviations are calculated based on a flank comparison and analyzed based on a virtual gear measurement machine, the GearAnalyzer. The evaluation of the process induced deviations is presented in the form of gear measurement sheets of the profile and lead direction as well as a three-dimensional surface geometry. The three-dimensional representation of the tooth gap can be used as input data for the FE-based tooth contact analysis ZaKo3D.
Using the software in a large number of public research projects, continuous development takes place and newly gained knowledge can be made available to members of the gear circle through the software.

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