Further education
Educational games


During the implementation of new concepts in a tool shop the integration of the staff is an essential factor. Educational games are a successful additive, which have been applied by the department Business Development for the transfer of theory into practice. By the help of educational games the company’s staff can be trained and experience the advantages of new concepts in doing so. During the development of the educational games a high priority is placed on exercises and problems with which the staff can identify and transfer new concepts to their particular situations. Thus the department Business Development offers an educational game for a pulsing of the single and small batch production. The educational game was developed within a research project and can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. In an educational game the basics of product and process standardization are been shown to the participants. In multiple rounds the participants can experience the positive effects like shortened cycle times and a higher productivity by a clocked sequence of the tool making process. For that the participants assemble ship models made of steel during this game. Consequently the aim of the educational game is a playful recognition of current problems in a real tool making process as well as the demonstration of advantages of a clocked production.