Robby Mannens, M.Sc. RWTH Aachen
Workgroup Leader
Cluster Produktionstechnik 3A 342
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Research Group
Forming Technologies


At the WZL, Chair of Manufacturing Technology, the forming technologies are focussing on the three cross-processes Numerical Modelling and Process Design, Alternative Materials and Tribology and Surface Engineering supported by Metallographic Analysis. This enables us to react flexibly, precociously, and efficiently on actual challenges in forming technologies like e-Mobility, Industrial Internet (Industry 4.0) and Green Factory  


Trends in forming technologies

Learn more about our contributions regarding the trends in e-Mobility, Industrial Internet (Industrie 4.0), Servo-press technology, Light weight design, Green Factory, Dry metal forming more...



Numerical Modelling and Process Design

By means of numerical modelling and process design we are working on solutions for forming challenges. more...



Alternative Materials

In addition to the classic iron and non-ferrous iron materials we investigate novel materials such as CFRP. more...



Tribology and Surface Engineering

Investigations on tribology and surface engineering include the holistic view of metal forming problems. more...




The employees of the group forming technologies introduce themself. more...




By means of analyses, the metallography supports the optimization of manufacturing processes. more...



Machines, Equipment and Software

Presentation of the existing machines, equipment and software. more...