Dieter Mevissen, M.Sc.
Workgroup Leader
Manfred-Weck-Haus 107
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Research Group
Gear Testing


Experimental safeguarding of gear designs in terms of load carrying capacity, excitation behavior and efficiency is obligatory for most cases of transmissions developing. The research and development work of the gear testing group directs the focus on the application and optimization of testing methods. Besides the key aspect of analyzing the influence of manufacturing-related properties on the running behavior, the determined values are used to validate calculation models for load carrying capacity and excitation behavior. The running behavior is analyzed for cylindrical and bevel gears as well as for special gear, such as beveloids. In order to meet future requirements, existing testing concepts of load carrying capacity and acoustics are continuously developed (e.g. high-speed test rig concepts).  


Testing of Gear Load Capacity

In order to design gears to fit a certain market requirement, the knowledge of gear load carrying capacity is of great importance. more...



Evaluation of Transmission Acoustics

The resulting noise behavior is an essential quality criterion of transmissions in the application. more...



Tribology and Gear Efficiency

As a result of the forces and the characteristic kinematics, gear flank surfaces are loaded tribologically.



Gear Test Rigs

An overview of the gear test rigs available to the gear department can be found here. more...




Here you will find an overview of the services offered by the group 'Gear Testing'. more...