Complexity management
Product cost optimization


Manufacturing companies in Europe are increasingly faced with the challenge to offer its customers qualitatively outstanding products at competitive prices. Particularly raised by the globalization of markets, a steadily increasing cost pressure leads to an erosion of product margins. To counteract this development, existing products must be checked with regard to the realized value of the customer and the costs of the product. With the help of a value analysis, we are able to examine and optimize selected products and product lines of your company. The investigation of the donated customer value is made possible by a systematic analysis of customer value drivers. Caused product costs are compared with the value of the customer. In order to bring that costs into question, we determine the functional costs of the considered product. An assessment of the functional costs is based on the function-specific customer value and by benchmarking against reference products. Together with the experts of your company departments we develop cross-disciplinary measures for customer value enhancement and cost reduction. In implementing the measures, we are available to you as a project coach.


Project example: product structure analysis of a machine tool to the product cost reduction (mechanical engineering, 2008)

“Objective: systematic inventory and identification of potentials to reduce product costs…”