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Excellent research, consulting, teaching and training – career at WZL

The quality criterion of applied research is its relevance to the challenges faced by the producing industry. In order to recognise these challenges, university institutes must seek close collaboration with industry, and assess their concepts and developments according to how they can contribute to solving problems in an industrial context. The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering of RWTH Aachen University has made this the guiding maxim of its work.

For over 100 years, a working method has evolved which unites the further development of new solutions through research with the application of these solutions in industry. Business consultancy services relating to the specific and decisive issues of a company together with the further development of technologies and solutions in applied research projects form important pillars of the work at the WZL. Besides this, the work of the around 600 employees at the WZL also involves supervising teaching events as well as a comprehensive seminar program for professional training.

The canon of decisive issues is worked on in six Chairs at the WZL. This allows integrative solutions to be offered from the areas of Production Systems and Production Management, Manufacturing Technology, Machine Tools, Production Metrology and Quality Management, as well as Assembly Technology.

At the WZL, state-of-the-art resources are available in the form of machines, facilities and our "Digital Factory". Our employees are our real capital, however. After all, the best services and performance can only be achieved with the best people in their respective disciplines. The demand we place on ourselves is "knowing more and wanting more". "Knowing more" because our employees bring with them excellent educations from the best universities worldwide; "wanting more" because they seek out and actively exercise responsibility in all they do.