Influences on the formation of Surface Defects in Gear Hobbing


Duration: March 1st, 2016 - September 30th, 2018

Funding Body: VDW / AiF

Starting Point:

Because of an insufficient work piece quality in dry hobbing processes complaints of ma-chine tool manufacturer and users appear. The insufficient quality is explained by surface defects. Surface defects are smeared material, streaks and welded on chips. These defects are interpreted as deviations and must be prevented. Often, parts with surface defects are scrap parts. An understanding of the occurrence of smeared material exists. However, an understanding for the occurrence of welded on chips is not developed yet. Nevertheless, because of the resulting large stock, especially welded on chips are the most critical defects.

Research Objective:

The objective of the research project is the avoidance of welded on chips in gear hobbing processes. First, a cause analysis for welding on chips will be done. Out of this, counteractions will be defined, which lead to an optimized process and tool layout. Even tough the process is common complaints regarding the workpiece quality occur from time to time to machine tool manufacturers and users.

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